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I had my artist statement here but that is honestly boring and too professional and not very me

so lets do a miniature interview instead

fun facts:

- i have backyard chickens!!! they say bick-bock and lay eggs when its warm out and fluff around in any dry dirt they can find and will absolutely collapse in a way that looks like theyre dead while sunbathing

- i love to bike places with my friends i am obsessed with bikepacking even though ive only done it twice and it was painful both times! its just so empowering to propel myself to far away places with only my own legs!!!!!

current favorite snack:

- strawberries with peanut butter has no business being as good as it is what the heck!!! where has this been all my life???

what are you resurrecting in 2024:

- my own weirdness!!! where did it go??? i used to be so unhinged and it was the greatest! who hurt me?? what am i afraid of??

- dancing alone in my room at night bc it is too much fun and grate exercise why did i ever stop

what are you making right now:

- a sock to keep my feet worm in these frigid temps!!!

- a variety of ceramics projects! quite possumbly a possum lamp

- sum zine guides.. would love to make a zine a month this year bc zines r underrated and they spread knowledge and luv!! make copies and stick them into lil free libraries the world deserves to see your thoughts!!!